We want Warn you against the Halikos Grouop and John Halikos. In December 2007 we signed the preliminary contract with Halikos Group to build a house. All details were agreed with the representative of the company. Construction began in 2008, the house was finished in August 2010, all amounts due were settled by us by September 2010. Nevertheless, the company started to make a lot of problems with signing the notarial deed.

After few years we sign the contract, than decided to sell the house. By selling a house we discovered that the tax that was paid on the purchase of the house was much lower than Halikos Group told me to pay.
On 10.12.2009, we, with Halikos Group instructions, paid 22 000 to Halikos Group for the tax of a house. The tax paid by the Halikos Group is 15 820. As a result, we overpaid 6,180. The contract was signed by lawyer in my behalf and did not inform me about this.

By the actions of Halikos Group and dragging the act of sale for over three years we lost about 40 000.

The Halikos Group Firm was recommended to us by our colleagues, our cooperation had been successful – up to the moment. Things that had not been done according to the plan were being corrected, but only until the Halikos Group has received all payments. Septic tank was placed on the ground instead of in the ground, the house and the door were painted the wrong color, the lamps with windmills were not installed, the ventilation in the bathrooms was not done. The roof was not properly secured and the walls and furniture in one of the rooms started to go mouldy. The quality of workmanship you can "admire" on the pictures posted below.

Working with the Halikos Groups cost us a lot of additional money, problems and stress. All efforts to solve the matter in an amicable way turned out to be unsuccessful.
We want to warn you against the Halikos Group. The firm works in inaccurate and incompetent way, and you may find out that for years you want be able to get the ownership of the property for which you paid for.

If you have had similar experiences with this company please contact us. We will be happy to put your story on our website.

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